Acendia: Grimshire

Name: Acendia: Grimshire

Dates: October 4-6 2019

Location: 120 New Freedom RoadBerlin, NJ, 08009

Parent Company: Acendia


Special Notes: This is a monthly event. Boffer events require safety release filled out.

Proposed Summary: Acendia is a dark fantasy larp where a war-torn world is far from recovery. Knights in shining armor is no more and everyone wants coin. Mages have gone unchecked and chaos dominates the land.

What We Expect: As with many boffer larps, do not expect a full story in just one event. Boffer larps have ongoing interactable stories based on player or town decisions over a period of events. There will likely be fast-paced content every hour or so to keep players busy.

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