Name: Aramnita

Dates: 2020, specific date TBA

Location: Parkside Mansion,1859 York St, Denver, CO 80206


Parent Company: Felbis Productions

Special Notes: Larp needs to spread awareness and get supporters. Specific details regarding the game are not yet out.

Proposed Plot: In a world of floating steampunk cities, six factions compete for power, control, or survival to stop the fall of the floating cities.

What We Expect: Not a lot has been released about this event so far, but what has is in great detail. They have a quiz where you can be placed in a faction, a good bit of lore on each of the factions, and an active Facebook group. The game has been postponed until 2020 but will be promoted at many steampunk conventions which is sure to increase popularity. This event has a lot of potential and needs a crowd to make it happen!

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