Scapegoat Review

Note: This is just my opinion of the game. Everyone had a unique experience. I did not have a material connection to the game.

This was an incredibly unique, ambitious, and a groundbreaking event.

Imagine a world where a magical …

Sex in LARP?

You’ve seen it on TV: a town of robots and people roleplaying cowboys, an orgy occurring every other episode. You’ve wondered – does such a thing exist? Is LARP Sex a Thing?

As someone who’s been LARPing for about 5 …

What is LARP?

If you’re new to the idea of LARPing, the hobby can seem intense. People wearing full metal armor, garb that looks like it’s out of a movie! But really, at its simplest form, we’ve all participated in a LARP of …


Link: Click here.

Type: Garb (men and women)

Genre: Fantasy

I first came across Zootzu on Etsy, but they have since evolved into their own website. I believe they also have some stuff on Amazon and Ebay, though they may …

Dark Nature

Link: Click here.

Type: Jewelry, Props, Garb

I first came across this shop at the local Renaissance Festival. While there, I noticed a beautiful crown he had made and decided I had to have something similar. He has created multiple …

The Giant’s Bride

Link: Click here.

Type: Jewelry

Genre: Fantasy

The Giant’s Bride sells one of a kind jewelry that is very beautiful and one of a kind. I have purchased several of their pieces, mainly because they look like magical trinkets that …

Troll Martellet Corp.

Link: Click here.

Type: Weapons / Props

Genre: Fantasy

Troll Martellet Corp. is an international businesses that sells some beautiful ‘foam-injected’ weapons. These are oftentimes too hard to use in boffer-type larping, but are wonderful for heavy role-play purposes where …

Volda Divnaya

Link: Click here.

Type: Garb (Men & Women)

Genre: Fantasy

Volda Divnaya owns and operates an online Etsy Store that sells garb for men and women. Her items are all tailored to fit your specific body dimensions. Because she lives

Cursed Castle: Wizarding Challenge

Summary: The Cursed Castle: Wizardry Challenge was a whirlwind of a weekend full of wonder and amazement. As the first run of any event, there were definitely some hiccups, but overall the event was amazingly fun and left my