Name: Aramnita

Dates: 2020, specific date TBA

Location: Parkside Mansion,1859 York St, Denver, CO 80206


Parent Company: Felbis Productions

Special Notes: Larp needs to spread awareness and get supporters. Specific details regarding the game are not yet out.

The Night In Question

Name: The Night In Question

Dates: November 19th 2019

Location: Texas Grand Ballroom (2nd Floor)
Hampton Inn & Suites Bastrop
240 S Hasler Blvd
Bastrop, TX 78602

Parent Company: Jackalope Live Action Studios


Special Notes: Larp is single

Armistice Arcane

Name: Armistice Arcane

Dates: January 3–5 2020

Location: Le Pavillion hotel 833 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA 70112

Parent Company: Peculiar Crossroads Productions


Special Notes: 

Proposed Summary: Throughout history, there are many supernatural entities unknown to man. The

Outbound Hope

Name: Outbound Hope

Dates: November 8-10 or 15-17 2019

Location: USS Edson, Bay City, MI 48706

Parent Company: Quest Adventure Gaming


Special Notes: Larp will take place in a historic tour area. Lodging and meals included.

Proposed Plot: 

Velvet Noir

Name: Velvet Noir

Dates: October 11-13 2019

Location: Camp Golden Pond, 5126 Eberle Rd, Petersburg, PA 16669

Parent Company: Entropic Endeavors


Special Notes: 

Proposed Plot: In the 1920s, the Rossi-Davis family has made a truce with the police

Chariot: Inventa

Name: Chariot Inventa

Dates: September 29th 10AM-2Pm

Location: Online

Parent Company: Geek Initiative


Special Notes: This is a spin-off event of pre-existing lore. Safety briefing before the game.

Proposed Plot: As a plot tie in with the physical

Rift Fallen: Necronomicon

Name: Rift Fallen: Necronomicon

Dates: October 4-6 2019

Location: Camp Kiwanis19300 SE 3rd St.
Silver Springs, FL 34488

Parent Company: Rift Fallen


Special Notes: This is a monthly event. Boffer larps require a safety release form. Meal plan

Acendia: Grimshire

Name: Acendia: Grimshire

Dates: October 4-6 2019

Location: 120 New Freedom RoadBerlin, NJ, 08009

Parent Company: Acendia


Special Notes: This is a monthly event. Boffer events require safety release filled out.

Proposed Summary: Acendia is a dark


Name: Scapegoat

Dates: November 13-19 2019

Location: New York City, depending on player

Parent Company: Sinking Ship Creations


Special Notes: Larp contains strong sexual themes and activities. Larp location is based on player location.

Proposed Plot: Something horrible

Chariot: Adventum

Name: Chariot: Adventum

Dates: September 29th 2019, 10AM-2PM

Location: Adventure Pub, 190 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02474

Parent Company: GeekInitiative


Special Notes: This is a spin-off event of pre-existing lore. Participants will be required to sign a “Safety