Blessing Larp

Name: Blessing Larp

Dates: November 22nd 2019

Location: 38 Walker Rd, Wales, MA 01081


Parent Company: Sanctum World Simulations LLC

Special Notes: 

Proposed Plot: In a post-apocalyptic world, politics and disagreements have divided people into seven factions, one of which disregards all politics and seeks to survive. Chaos runs rampant and the world is as dangerous as can be.

What We Expect: This game advertises characters will die a lot. Whereas most boffer larps have one or two character deaths a game out of thirty-plus attendance, this game may have even more. Standard post-apocalyptic rules and tropes apply; mutants, raiders, radiation, etc. The game is quoted to be utter chaos and high death to keep the game hectic and fun for everyone, so mods and NPCs should be frequent and little downtime should exist for in-game players.


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