Sex in LARP?

You’ve seen it on TV: a town of robots and people roleplaying cowboys, an orgy occurring every other episode. You’ve wondered – does such a thing exist? Is LARP Sex a Thing?

As someone who’s been LARPing for about 5 …

Endless Paths

Name: Endless Paths

Dates:  October 13 2019

Location: 4500 Rice StreetSaint Paul, MN, 55126


Parent Company:  Endless Paths Larp

Special Notes: Safety waiver required

Proposed Plot: A land where the environment is so harsh, unlikely allies will

League of Reapers

Name: League of Reapers

Dates:  September 25th-27th 2020

Location: 1451 E Pythian St, Springfield, MO 65802


Parent Company: Felbis Productions

Special Notes: Ticket prices are TBA

Proposed Plot: In a world where the supernatural is aplenty, Reapers fight

Chariot Larp


CHARIOT Larp is a sci-fi live action adventure in a universe of continuity. Created and run by The Geek Initiative, the CHARIOT universe details the formation, launch, and travel of a space program in a post-apocalyptic world. 



The Voyage North

Name: The Voyage North

Dates: August 8-16 2020

Location: 1480 Main Road, Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, QC G0X 1N0, Canada


Parent Company: The Voyage North

Special Notes: Larp has an extremely high player count, Larp is very rules and combat-focused.


Worthwich School of Wizardry

Name: Worthwich Scool of Wizardry

Dates: November 1-3 2019



Parent Company: Faye Fearless Q

Special Notes: Larp is a school roleplay.

Proposed Plot: The Worthwich School of Wizardry can offer many things, from potion making to casting