Chariot: Adventum

The Chariot: Adventum took place on Sunday the 6th on October 2019. I played Dr. Ryan, a psychologist who left Earth aboard a Chariot vessel to set up life anew on a distant planet.

My character sheet was very well set up, it had many different sections such as my biography, my goals, secrets, etc, and it organized everything in a very stylish and theme-fitting way.

The venue, the Adventure pub made me wish I had come at least once before immediately when I had gotten there. Board games run on all the shelves and tables and they have a sugar cane cola that I could not stop getting refills of. It was definitely a great choice for an event of this kind, especially because we got our own room for our event to ourselves separated by a large curtain to the main room.

The game started with all players in a meeting about how to proceed with the mission and checking everybody's mental state. This allowed for exposition and everybody to introduce their character to one another. Talk of another ship was had which was, of course, an online group of players that tied into our game. We were able to sit down and talk with them through Google Hangouts and this not only added a new level of depth, but also immersion to the game.

At some point during the game, a self-destruct sequence on our ship had armed itself. We had to solve a mini escape room to disarm the sequence. This scene was very fun, as everybody wanted to point fingers, but there was just no time. We had to override the self destruct. The escape room consisted of locked boxes, a laser pointer reflection puzzle, finding hidden items around the room, and getting information from a thumb drive and SD card.

After we had finally disarmed the sequence my character was tasked with personality testing every character on board our ship and the online ship. This was especially fun for me, as I was already note-taking behavior patterns of the crewmates on a piece of scratch paper. It was only a matter of time until a crewmate started giving psychopathic answers. After secretly devising an arrest for him he ran away leading to a whole bunch of in-game plot and shenanigans. The game ended shortly thereafter that scene.

In summary, Chariot: Adventum has been the most immersive and outdone of all of the Chariot events so far. I look forward to what Chariot holds in the future and any subsequent events may occur.

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