Chariot: Adventum

Name: Chariot: Adventum

Dates: September 29th 2019, 10AM-2PM

Location: Adventure Pub, 190 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02474

Parent Company: GeekInitiative


Special Notes: This is a spin-off event of pre-existing lore. Participants will be required to sign a “Safety and Photography” release form. Includes lunch.

Proposed Summary: In this universe, Earth has become a decaying war-torn planet and a few humans have escaped on a ship light-years away hoping to survive. The game promises 3 hours of actual content with a couple of hours of post-game and debriefing following.

What We Expect: This event will most likely run a lot like DnD without dice. Actions will happen by players declaring what they are doing and getting aid or permission from other players. The game will take place in the Adventure Pub’s “Sci-Fi Room” so the game’s venue should be on point with the game itself.

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