Chariot Larp


CHARIOT Larp is a sci-fi live action adventure in a universe of continuity. Created and run by The Geek Initiative, the CHARIOT universe details the formation, launch, and travel of a space program in a post-apocalyptic world. 


In formative CHARIOT digital larps, players would assume the roles of characters still on Earth and recently accepted into the CHARIOT program, meeting those they’d be spending the rest of their lives with on video chat. 


The journey to Proxima b, however, is arduous and multi-generational—and the celebrated CHARIOT program hides many secrets. Founded and crowdfunded by researcher-philanthropist Lucius Relelhart, the CHARIOT program does not play by the rules of previous governments. Each ship contains its own culture and government (as determined by inhabitants) and functions with multiple divisions. 


Additionally, some groups have self-selected. One CHARIOT is an all-woman crew. A full crew complement of people of color were the first to encounter the “Hope” aliens; meanwhile a militaristic crew aims to be the first to reach Proxima b, regardless of the cost. As more CHARIOTs launch, various crews interact with extraterrestrial beings, ensuring a non-colonization accord and referring to new human settlements as “endeavors.”


Individually, players can explore themes of leadership, empowerment, competition, and complex interpersonal relationships via CHARIOT characters. CHARIOT larps run at small and large in-person events and conventions and online in multiple formats.


From early 1960s space age developments to multigenerational adventures, battles, times of peace, and an eventual landing on Proxima b, the characters of CHARIOT struggle with survival and determine what Earth’s cultures look like beyond our solar system.

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