Name: Dammerung event #4

Dates: TBD

Location: Camp Garrison, Musser Scout Reservation, 4021 Upper Ridge Rd, Pennsburg, PA 18073

Website: www.dammerunglarp.com

Parent Company: Sam Stone

Special Notes: larp is based on pre-existing plot, larp requires safety waiver

Proposed Plot: While the north becomes a tundra, the south becomes a desert. War and famine are dominating the lands. Refugees from all lands hail to the Freeholds of Nordvik, one of the only safe-havens left in the land. Strangers must come together to survive in the face of the growing Dammerung.

What We Expect: This boffer larp takes place in the 9th century. Many Nordic and/or Viking themes are going to be shown in players and the plot. Famine and war are big themes in this game so we expect players are going to be low on resources and this will lead to them fighting over them.

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