Dark Labyrinth: Descent

Name: Dark Labyrinth: Descent

Dates: November 15 - 17th, 2019

Location: Dekoven Center, Racine, Wisconsin

Website: www.darklabyrinthlarp.com

Parent Company: Moonrise Games

Special Notes:  Professional actors will be in attendance.

Proposed Plot: 22 years ago the DeKoven had a massacre occur within. The townsfolk had no choice but to turn the basement into a morgue. It was abandoned until now in which it will be turned into a luxury hotel. The year is 1921 now, and it is encouraged to bury the past.

What We Expect: The use of professional actors who are trained for six weeks in advance definitely adds to the already amazing production value this event offers. The event is advertised to have many different outcomes and endings that are influenced by player choices and the actors were even trained on!

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