Dystopia Rising 3.0

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Name: Dystopia Rising 3.0

What is being said about DR 3.0: The apocalypse is now with Dystopia Rising 3.0... Expanding the world of DR is at the core of this latest update and these changes are meant to reinvigorate the LARP community. Now in it's 10th year of being a public game, DR continues to evolve, aiming for better results than ever before that includes more transparency and co-creation. The first 3.0 event is expected to debut in September 2019.

Special Notes: A full infection reset has been implemented.

Plot: Nothing is what it was before. The world we know is now gone. The world has been plagued with infection, while suffering and death have spread rampantly across the globe. With the passing of time hope fades, especially after encountering the worst humanity has to offer. Trust will be hard to come by, if at all possible to be regained. Survival is the driving force behind every action and reaction. But hope, as bleak as it is, can never fully be gone. The world as it was known has ended, but your journey has just begun. Together with other survivors, generations after the fall, you must push forward, rebuilding something different-something greater.

What We Expect: This 3.0 release is intended to build upon the DR structure already set in place and fine tune the dynamics to make for a simpler flow in gameplay mechanics, book-keeping, long term play, and clarity. The DR 3.0 story makes a 3-year leap forward in time that allows for story arc changes by players. This allows players the choice to retire their character with new ties or to continue playing their original character. Either way, this does not affect item card expiration dates. Players can expect to spend a weekend immersing themselves into their character and into this post-apocalyptic world where zombies, raiders, and the struggle to survive is their new reality. Work with other survivors to be part of an ever-evolving world.


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