Name: Empyrean

Dates:  December 6 2019

Location: Otherworld Theatre Company 3914 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL

Website: www.empyreanlarp.com

Parent Company: Otherworld Theatre Company

Special Notes: Larps are a day each, Larp has limited slots, Larp includes alcohol tickets

Proposed Plot: A dream you've had your entire life that nobody you talk to, not even professionals can explain bothers you. It tells you to go to a specific place on a specific date and you are finally convinced something is there.

What We Expect: This Larp boasts to be an episodic series that players can be a part of that will influence the next. As opposed to many Larps being in the future or the past, this one takes place in an urban setting which gives a lot more realistic and relatable scenarios that can occur.

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