Endless Paths

Name: Endless Paths

Dates:  October 13 2019

Location: 4500 Rice StreetSaint Paul, MN, 55126

Website: www.endlesspathslarp.com

Parent Company:  Endless Paths Larp

Special Notes: Safety waiver required

Proposed Plot: A land where the environment is so harsh, unlikely allies will have to team up to triumph. A dark fantasy woodland town is being attacked by monsters left and right and the townspeople must attempt to stop the monster take over before it is too late.

What We Expect: This Larp markets that religion will be a big thing in it. Albeit for "fluff" and no actual in-game benefit, it will make for a lot of fun roleplay. This Larp is trying to get it's feet off the ground and wants to run more frequently. The more players they accrue, the production value will get better and better.

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