LARPed at Animore

Animore was an amazing first convention (for 2020) for the LARPed crew! We taught many new and current con-goers about the fun, ease, and accessibility of LARPing! The con was kind enough to grant us a booth in their vending room. We created many different things to catch peoples' eyes such as; trifold brochures, a poster board, business cards, and put out lights and gems to grab attention. The brochures were a huge hit with the crowd, as they advertised many of our great sponsors such as Outbound Hope and CRUX Larp and almost everyone who picked one up responded with a giggle or amazement at the scenes on display inside! We met all kinds of people interested in trying larping, from a security officer who worked 76 hour weeks to kids right out of middle school! All shapes and molds of people that came over to the booth found something that interested them!


We had a lot of fun gaining names for our e-mail newsletter from people who are excited to get into larping! Over the entirety of the weekend from the con our Facebook group and newsletter saw exponential growth! We also had a great time meeting other artists, vendors and larpers who were more than happy to share with us more venues that we will likely be appearing at very soon!

Special shout out to: Knight Realms for coming to the booth and sharing their mission with us and enjoying in the topic of larp. Check them out at:

Special shout out to: Lonely Tentacle Productions for sharing information on venues and blessing us with a home-knit dragon that is a spitting image of the LARPed Logo! Check them out at:

Special shout out to: Sukesha Ray for sharing information on venues and drawing us an amazing commission of one of my favorite larp characters I have ever played! Check her out at:

The most fun we had all weekend though definitely had to be on the last day of the convention. As a surprise to one lucky friend of the LARPed community who joined us during Animore weekend, one lucky person won a LARPed boffer sword in our surprise raffle and was knighted at the con!

  Our new friend, Eric at the LARPed booth after being knighted

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