Maelstrom Masquerade

Name: Maelstrom Masquerade

Dates: Sep 24 – Sep 26, 2021

Location: 5105 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15232


Parent Company: Flamma Mysteries

Special Notes: Larp is a prequel to a past event, Larp will have strong horror themes

Proposed Plot: Taking place a little under two-hundred years before the events of Maelstrom Mansion, players will experience a connected plot in the beautiful land of 1700s Venice. A strange fog will envelop the city and citizens will have to seek sanctuary in a mansion in town.

What We Expect:  This event is a prequel to what was supposed to be a one-off event; Maelstrom Mansion. This event offers an extremely unique theme, combining 1700s culture and fashion with Lovecraftian horror genre. It promises many puzzles and escape rooms that are likely to be just as good if not better than its predecessor! The Mansions on Fifth also provides amazing dinners and help yourself lunches that will be included in your ticket along with your stay!

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