My First ODUCon Experience

I went to ODUCon for the first time this year, and I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed the event. Growing up in a very traditional Middle Eastern American household, there were many traditions that I had to adhere to, and cosplay and anime cons had no place in that tradition. I was always taught that things like this were not for me, and I needed to act my age. However, going to ODUCon changed that as I could clearly see that there is even room for tradition and cultural appreciation at a convention.

ODUCon was held at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA in February of 2020, but the convention occurs annually.

ODUCon: Convention Size and Atmosphere

First off, for a small convention being held at a college campus, it was a win. This is considered a form of art, and what better way to market and promote all things anime than to college students? They were eating it up, just like they were sampling the many choices of food that the campus offered for convention goers. This was convenient as no one really had to leave the con for anything as there were also vendors selling local art, and anime and Japanese collectibles. 

This for me was very interesting, as there were many unique things that vendors were selling that I would have had no idea where to look for outside of this convention. There was also a mix of people from all different races and cultural backgrounds present.


Posing with “Chopper”

Some of my favorite things that I saw and experienced at the con were the fact that there was a group promoting LARP, and an actual boffer LARP group at the convention. LARP has always interested me, and I like the fact that the event even offered a panel to answer the question “What Is LARP?” This convention pushed diversity, creativity, cultural appreciation, and the arts. There was even a section for Star Wars fans like myself. I got to meet a Droid named Chopper, and he followed me around, and was even willing to take a picture with me. 

It is safe to say that ODUCon offered a place for people like me who are interested in learning about diversity, arts and anime, and it brought the fun for sure. I will recommend this convention to others, as I know it will be sure to please. 

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