Nukelanta 2019

Name: Nukelanta

Dates: November 15-17 2019

Location: EastWind Castle · Trenton, South Carolina


Parent Company: Nukelanta

Special Notes: Larp is heavily based on the Fallout game universe. Larp is not 100% disability accessible.

Proposed Plot:  Stuck in a 50s culture in an alternate timeline where lasers and robots were invented instead of modern day computers, nuclear warheads bombarded many areas of the planet. This leaves many areas of the planet radiated and overrun with robots and mutants.

What We Expect: Based on, of course, the popular video game series: Fallout, this Larp wants to give players a portal into that world. Likely having mutants, robots, militaries, and rebellions all across the land. Players likely will choose stats on a seven stat scale with different skills relating to what they will have expertise in alluding to the games.

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