Name: Numina

Dates: February 22-24 2020

Location: Holiday Lake in Appomattox, VA

Parent Company: Crimson Hero Games


Special Notes: Safety waiver signature required.

Proposed Plot: An angel of reason came to a man named Viscero Mercurio, with a plan for the world with no hunger, war, or strife. For centuries people have worked toward this vision, even today many work towards the goals that vision set in hopes to achieve unified races and kingdoms.

What We Expect: One of the most popular larp tropes is fantasy boffer, because it is one of the most popular film and book genres, and the boffer element allows players to take on a more physical aspect that some larps do not offer. This larp offers players the chance to strive toward world peace, maybe as political leaders or fierce warriors. This may divide the land further as peoples' differing opinions of the vision they all know of. Could this make the land better or worse?


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