Origin Larp

Name:  Origin Larp

Dates: TBA 2020

Location: Dallas, Texas

Website: https://www.facebook.com/OriginLarp/

About Origin Larp

Originally Playtested in conventions, and then for a few years in Florida, Origin Larp is now approaching its full release ruleset and game in 2020!

The game will take players to a fantasy land where all sorts of creatures, people, and monsters exist. A powerful Nexus exists that many factions and clans want to conquer to seize the power that it holds.

As a player character each game you will be allotted some CP (Character Points) in which you can spend on many different professions and skills. As a Boffer Larp, the game will also offer many different combat mechanics. Its versatile system allows for many different combinations for players to try out. Creating an Eldritch Knight, an Unstoppable Juggernaut, or even a merchant who professes in many different crafts and turns his eye away from combat.

When this game returns it will be expecting to be run monthly in a venue in Dallas, Texas. Origin Larp will be making an appearance at Fandom Legacy Con 2020 where the rules and lore should be finished for all to behold! Check them out on Facebook or come join them at Fandom Legacy Con 2020!

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