Outbound Hope

Name: Outbound Hope

Dates: November 8-10 or 15-17 2019

Location: USS Edson, Bay City, MI 48706

Parent Company: Quest Adventure Gaming

Website: www.outboundhope.com

Special Notes: Larp will take place in a historic tour area. Lodging and meals included.

Proposed Plot:  This larp boasts a projected attendance of over 100 players! With over 10 different roles to play as. Players are promised a "Realistic, immersive experience of being on-board a space-bound ship."!

What We Expect: If this larp plays out how it's projected to, it will definitely be one of the biggest numbers of players at once at a larp event. There are many different purchasable classes or roles as stated before, suggesting the game will be very mechanics heavy and each one will yield different benefits to play as such as: engineer, medical, commander, etc. The venue is also very interesting and will definitely add a whole new level of immersion to the event.


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