Rift Fallen: Necronomicon

Name: Rift Fallen: Necronomicon

Dates: October 4-6 2019

Location: Camp Kiwanis19300 SE 3rd St.
Silver Springs, FL 34488

Parent Company: Rift Fallen

Website: riftfallenlarp.com

Special Notes: This is a monthly event. Boffer larps require a safety release form. Meal plan available for purchase.

Proposed Plot: Everyone from planet earth has been sucked into another dimension of Lovecraftian horror. Different Old Ones and Gods fight for dominance each month in the sky and inflict their dominance on the inhabitants of the realm. This October event is speculated to feature undead and undying enemies and NPCs with an overarching story pertaining to similar.

What We Expect: Rift Fallen, like other boffer larps, offers new content very quickly over the course of the event. Players can expect a new NPC or enemy mob to appear at least once an hour so there is always something to do. Insanities are a fun mechanic as well that sets Rift Fallen from other boffer larps as they are tiered conditions based on how much stress your character has been put under by monsters or items and can lead to some fun and interesting gameplay.

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