Name: Scapegoat

Dates: November 13-19 2019

Location: New York City, depending on player

Parent Company: Sinking Ship Creations


Special Notes: Larp contains strong sexual themes and activities. Larp location is based on player location.

Proposed Plot: Something horrible has happened and someone has to take the blame. Everyone is being blamed or looking for someone to blame in this backstabby roleplaying game. There are five powerful families that demand answers and the different mages of this world are looking for someone to pin it on.

What We Expect: This game everyone is going to have a motive. Some are trying to pin and some are going to be pinned. The game will have a very unique element of meeting players at locations they visit in New York City to turn their trip into a gigantic larp event. Everyone will also have mage-like abilities that will come into play either mechanically or in roleplay.

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