The Voyage North

Name: The Voyage North

Dates: August 8-16 2020

Location: 1480 Main Road, Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, QC G0X 1N0, Canada


Parent Company: The Voyage North

Special Notes: Larp has an extremely high player count, Larp is very rules and combat-focused.

Proposed Plot: The Grand Duche of Bicolline is a faraway land where English speakers can immerse themselves in medieval french culture. Players will battle side by side with their guild and enjoy victories around the campfire every evening.

What We Expect: This Larp offers a gigantic player base and what is likely the longest game time per event out of any Larp. With around a thousand players and eight whole days of medieval/fantasy roleplay! It is likely you won't see the same face twice and interactions will be frequent and very unique.

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