The World Through the Eyes of Durge Stormbane

In the coming articles I will be talking about my experience as my character known as Durge Stormbane. His environment, where he lives, etc.

Let’s see what your friendly, neighborhood Shadow-knight has in store for today…

Ah, yes. Today’s topic is going to be about the site that I adventure on… located in Barnesville, GA. VOTR: Castle Origins sits on 22 acres of land with a real castle backdrop.

The castle has a moat and is as tall as a two story house. There are towers with windows that give a grand view of the entirety of the land.

The venue consists of fields and woods with plenty of trails. The atmosphere mimicking that of a fledgling town, built right outside a forest – which gives adventurers a feeling of growth and expansion.

The tavern itself has electricity and a functional bathroom. And located conveniently near the tavern is an area of sand, where a fire can be made to cook. We’ve used this fire-pit to cook oatmeal as well as stew so far. Also inside the tavern there are picnic tables for seating.

There are a few cats that roam around that we’ve taken to calling familiars. There is adequate parking that can fit roughly 25 to 35 cars, with enough space to unload all your gear.

The site makes use of tenting camping, with plenty of area to pitch a tent. Trees scattered throughout the property provide excellent shade.

The staff at VOTR is extremely helpful and patient with new players and veteran players alike. They like to provide a safe and enjoyable event to anyone who decides to come: whether the person who’s trying LARP out for the first time or for the experienced person who is looking for something new.

If you ever find yourself in Central Georgia and want to experience a new game or just try out this crazy hobby we call LARPing, stop by VOTR.

I promise you wont regret it! Special thanks to Brian Abreu and everyone involved in bringing this to life. Without them, this wouldn’t exist. THANKS GUYS!

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