Velvet Noir

Name: Velvet Noir

Dates: October 11-13 2019

Location: Camp Golden Pond, 5126 Eberle Rd, Petersburg, PA 16669

Parent Company: Entropic Endeavors


Special Notes: 

Proposed Plot: In the 1920s, the Rossi-Davis family has made a truce with the police to ignore their deviant behavior. Whether it be their moonshine trafficking, etcetera, it leaves cops, gangsters, and townfolk in an uncomfortable situation.

What We Expect: This is a more freeform larp so it is likely the players will create a good deal of the plot through roleplay. 1920s is also a fun time for dressing up and using old devices of that period and will lead to many fun costumes to interact with. There is likely to be a lot of mob talk, early 1900s slang, and a lot of black and white noir film tropes!

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