World of Dreamscape

DreamScape LARP is a high horror, light to mediumĀ  touch, latex and realistic foam weapon LARP that is revolutionary in how it portrays the horror genre! DreamScape ascends beyond "theater of the mind" with it's incredible design and props that will immerse even the most casual of LARPers.

In DreamScape you cannot simply play as a human, and seeing one is cause for great concern, many games have maybe one or two monster races for players to play as, but in DreamScape everyone plays as a monster, mythical beast, or angelic being. The races available to players as of now are:

  • Aqua Sapiens: Hydraulic beings from deep in the ocean, blessed in the ways of charm and magic. They can breathe underwater and heal themselves with water.
  • Banshees: Aggravated lost souls, known to be extremely unstable. Magic is taken as 'normal' damage, and they let out a high decibel wail at the sight of a fallen ally.
  • Dolls: Construct-like beings made from wood, porcelain, or rags that nobody is sure their origin. They can learn all types of magic and are immune to diseases.
  • Drakes: Versatile beasts with scales and wings. Depending on their color; red, blue, white, or green, they gain different abilities.
  • Fallen Angels: Once graced beings that have failed in their trials and are known to be very powerful. They have the ability to fly and can heal with holy damage.
  • Gargoyles: Ancient stone creatures that not only excel in strength, but are known to take a hit. They can completely revive themselves with a stone form, and can glide to safety when falling from heights.
  • Gorgons: Snakelike reptilians who can speak to snakes, among other snakelike creatures. They are immune to all poison and venom damage.
  • Harpies: Bird-like humanoids known for their cruel tricks and how hard they are to be tricked themselves. They have the ability to fly and mind effects do not work on them.
  • Incubus: Cocky, cold-hearted, deviants that only look to expand their harem. Mind effects do not work on them and they get special bonuses to charisma.
  • Phoenix: Flaming avian that will never serve a master. They are carefree and love adventure and danger! They are immune to fire damage and are known to be able to rise from their ashes after being slain.
  • Puritan Angels: They hail from the holy lands and are pure in all senses. They are known to value all walks of life. They have the ability to fly and are healed from holy damage.
  • Were: A collection of Were-Cats, Were-Wolves, and Were-Bears, shapeshifters afflicted with an incurable form of a common disease. Some are able to use this as a blessing rather than a curse, gaining animal-like abilities based on their animal.

Each race has it's own skill tree with three different paths for maximum player customization! Every game players will gain one spirit point to invest into their trees, and two EXP for attending the game to purchase other spells and magics, but there's more! DreamScape has broken the trend of only providing flat EXP per event. Killing monsters will also award chips that can be converted into EXP, rewarding adventurers brave or foolish enough to face powerful foes.

The game takes place primarily at the beautiful Booker T. Washington State Park in Hamilton County, Tennessee, equipped with newly renovated bathrooms and showers and a beautiful dining hall. The game averaging currently around 20-40 players, there is plenty of room for everybody at this large state park!

Safety, both physically and mentally is guaranteed by the staff's 3 certified medics and 2 licensed therapists so that you can focus on having fun on your weekend at DreamScape. An intake form will also be provided to be sure that any material that you are not 100% OK with will be avoided entirely with trigger warnings before modules for events that will contain it.

Game tickets can be purchased for $50 dollars at the door with a minor discount for pre-purchases and short flexible volunteer shifts, as well as the option for a 5-game season pass for $230 dollars which is definitely ideal for avid LARPers. NPCing is also available, completely free for players who would like to scope out if the game is for them before trying it out as a player. Meal plans are also up for grabs, the catering group "Dorks with Sporks" will provide meals throughout the game for just $15-20 for professional chef meals Saturday (breakfast only and lunch only options available) or pre-pay for your next 5 games with a season meal pass for $75. Additionally, the catering teamwork with each and every player individually concerning allergies and dietary restrictions.

In summary, DreamScape is an immersive horror adventure that will definitely be a unique experience for new and veteran LARPers alike. The next game, "DreamScape: Weird Wonderland" will be taking place May 8th-10th from late Friday to early Sunday. If you are around Tennessee or are looking for something new and mold-breaking, come give DreamScape a try! For any questions or if you want to come play DreamScape visit the Facebook page below!


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