LARPed is a resource for LARPers, those who play role-playing games and people looking to get into the nerd scene and experience the amazing world of live action role play. We're a group of dedicated larpers putting out content, tutorials, tips, tricks and resources for other larpers of every skill and talent level.

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- Services, such as photography, marketing, and more.

After LARPing for a number of years ourselves, we realized there wasn't an easy platform to seek out information. There were a few resources here and there, but they were sparse and scattered. So we decided to create LARPed in order to offer a solid collection of resouces and a community where people looking to get into LARPing could easily access things they wanted to learn at all skill levels.

We know that people LARP for a variety of reasons: empowerment, hope, escapism, physical exercise, etc. Now, its just a matter of speaking to all these different reasons!

Meet the Crew

Here's a little bit about the different members of the Crew. We're always looking to grow and expand, and would love to have you attend events with us, share your products/services, or ask any questions you might have.


Terry Crew

Terry lives in an imaginary world run by its own rules and logic. An amateur photographer, he has always enjoyed traveling around and seeing new sites everywhere.

Passionate about the story, he is likely the one to derail plot and take things in an entirely different route.

Terry is an experienced GM, escape room creator, story teller, and logistics mastermind.


Tara Clapper

Tara M. Clapper lives in the world of storytelling 24/7, whether creating games or helping brands express themselves.

She is The Geek Initiative's founder and publisher, an experienced content manager, and a game designer of innovative LARPs (live action role playing games).

A proud geek, she has over fifteen years of experience in digital publishing and marketing. Tara loves going to Zone 3.


Steve Uyeda

While Steve is relatively new to LARPing and gaming, he is an experienced improv actor and past cast member of the Arizona Festival.

He and his lovely wife JodyLee Duek take endless joy in traveling as much as they can looking for new experiences, amazing places, glorious food and drink and meeting amazing people.

For Steve, a LARP is all about the story. He enjoys one-on-one and small group role play that empowers others and helps push the story forward.

Beware though, while Steve’s characters are usually of the Light, they often have a Dark Side with the best of intentions that emerge when others least expect it...


Dylan Williams

Dylan Williams is a passionate boffer LARPer and an advocate of antagonistically played games. His passions include video games, cell phone games, and computer games (notice anything...).

Dylan is a huge promoter of complex game mechanics, and enjoys gameplay where there can be winners and losers.

Dylan is a Power Gamer and loves to find a way to win in any game.


Cory Carter

Cory Carter is the world's best diplomat in game. He once talked an entire village out of attacking an insane lunatic and his entire cult.

He is a huge believer in finding appropriate value in games, and treasures his monthly events.

An avid table top gamer and GM, Cory is always looking for new opportunities in the world of gaming and LARP.

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