Friends LARPing with friends – that’s the basis of which LARPed was founded.

But we understand that life makes attending some events not feasible. Maybe you don’t make a lot of money, maybe you’ve had a string of bad luck, lots of things happen.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to LARP.

Through the generous donations of groups and individuals through our Patreon, we are able to offer sponsored adventures to different events at free or reduced costs. These are intended to allow everyone the opportunity to be an all-powerful wizard in a high tower, a mighty warrior on the frontlines of battle, or a hopeless romantic in a strange new galaxy.

Applicants are eligible to receive one award once a year. Sponsored adventurers will be asked to write an article, create a video, or do something else to share their experiences about the event. In addition, LARPed will be purchasing the ticket directly under the Participant’s name.

To seek a scholarship with a game, send us an email.