Chariot Larp


CHARIOT Larp is a sci-fi live action adventure in a universe of continuity. Created and run by The Geek Initiative, the CHARIOT universe details the formation, launch, and travel of a space program in a post-apocalyptic world. 



Worthwich School of Wizardry

Name: Worthwich Scool of Wizardry

Dates: November 1-3 2019



Parent Company: Faye Fearless Q

Special Notes: Larp is a school roleplay.

Proposed Plot: The Worthwich School of Wizardry can offer many things, from potion making to casting

Crux Larp

Name: Crux Larp

Dates: April 17-19 2020

Location: TBA


Proposed Plot: Years of war have passed since humans emerged victorious against the Imperium. Since then portals have begun opening and humans must now find a way to stop

Larp Adventures

Name: Larp Adventures

Dates: TBA 2020

Location: Mount Run Winery, Culpeper, VA


Parent Company: LARP Adventures LLC

Special Notes: Larp requires safety waiver

Proposed Plot:  The land of Osterra has many Nexus portals that appear in the land


Name: Dammerung event #4

Dates: TBD

Location: Camp Garrison, Musser Scout Reservation, 4021 Upper Ridge Rd, Pennsburg, PA 18073


Parent Company: Sam Stone

Special Notes: larp is based on pre-existing plot, larp requires safety waiver

Proposed Plot: While

Acendia: Grimshire

Name: Acendia: Grimshire

Dates: October 4-6 2019

Location: 120 New Freedom RoadBerlin, NJ, 08009

Parent Company: Acendia


Special Notes: This is a monthly event. Boffer events require safety release filled out.

Proposed Summary: Acendia is a dark

Origin LARP Playtest

Summary: Origin LARP is an ongoing Larp that originally debuted in Florida, and is now set to end play-testing in March 2020 to go live in Dallas, Texas.

Dates: Varying Monthly.

Location: 6765 Immokalee Rd, Keystone Heights, FL (Old), New