The Voyage North

Name: The Voyage North

Dates: August 8-16 2020

Location: 1480 Main Road, Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, QC G0X 1N0, Canada


Parent Company: The Voyage North

Special Notes: Larp has an extremely high player count, Larp is very rules and combat-focused.


Worthwich School of Wizardry

Name: Worthwich Scool of Wizardry

Dates: November 1-3 2019



Parent Company: Faye Fearless Q

Special Notes: Larp is a school roleplay.

Proposed Plot: The Worthwich School of Wizardry can offer many things, from potion making to casting

Crux Larp

Name: Crux Larp

Dates: April 17-19 2020

Location: TBA


Proposed Plot: Years of war have passed since humans emerged victorious against the Imperium. Since then portals have begun opening and humans must now find a way to stop

Legends of the Seas

Name: Legends Of The Sea

Dates: December 6-8 2019

Location:  5126 Eberle Road Petersburg, PA


Parent Company: LotsLARPNet

Special Notes: Compensation for staff, Larp may have beach/water moments

Proposed Plot: The planet Magnomori is a water giant once

Larp Adventures

Name: Larp Adventures

Dates: TBA 2020

Location: Mount Run Winery, Culpeper, VA


Parent Company: LARP Adventures LLC

Special Notes: Larp requires safety waiver

Proposed Plot:  The land of Osterra has many Nexus portals that appear in the land


Name: Contera

Dates: February 28th-March 1st 2020

Location: Pythian Castle, Springfield, Missouri


Parent Company: Felbis Productions

Special Notes: Larp will sort players into clans

Proposed Plot: The world of Contera, where scuffles and politics divide the land into

Chariot: Adventum

The Chariot: Adventum took place on Sunday the 6th on October 2019. I played Dr. Ryan, a psychologist who left Earth aboard a Chariot vessel to set up life anew on a distant planet.

My character sheet was very well

Dystopia Rising 3.0

This post was originally written for upload on this site by: A. Gallardo

Name: Dystopia Rising 3.0

What is being said about DR 3.0: The apocalypse is now with Dystopia Rising 3.0... Expanding the world of DR is at the


Name: Beinspora

Dates: November 15-17 2019

Location: Pythian Castle, Springfield, Missouri


Parent Company: Felbis Productions

Special Notes: Larp will be school themed and will likely have "classes"

Proposed Plot: At Beinspora it functions as a normal United States


Name: Numina

Dates: February 22-24 2020

Location: Holiday Lake in Appomattox, VA

Parent Company: Crimson Hero Games


Special Notes: Safety waiver signature required.

Proposed Plot: An angel of reason came to a man named Viscero Mercurio, with a