Chariot: Inventa

Name: Chariot Inventa

Dates: September 29th 10AM-2Pm

Location: Online

Parent Company: Geek Initiative


Special Notes: This is a spin-off event of pre-existing lore. Safety briefing before the game.

Proposed Plot: As a plot tie in with the physical

Rift Fallen: Necronomicon

Name: Rift Fallen: Necronomicon

Dates: October 4-6 2019

Location: Camp Kiwanis19300 SE 3rd St.
Silver Springs, FL 34488

Parent Company: Rift Fallen


Special Notes: This is a monthly event. Boffer larps require a safety release form. Meal plan

Acendia: Grimshire

Name: Acendia: Grimshire

Dates: October 4-6 2019

Location: 120 New Freedom RoadBerlin, NJ, 08009

Parent Company: Acendia


Special Notes: This is a monthly event. Boffer events require safety release filled out.

Proposed Summary: Acendia is a dark


Name: Scapegoat

Dates: November 13-19 2019

Location: New York City, depending on player

Parent Company: Sinking Ship Creations


Special Notes: Larp contains strong sexual themes and activities. Larp location is based on player location.

Proposed Plot: Something horrible

Chariot: Adventum

Name: Chariot: Adventum

Dates: September 29th 2019, 10AM-2PM

Location: Adventure Pub, 190 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02474

Parent Company: GeekInitiative


Special Notes: This is a spin-off event of pre-existing lore. Participants will be required to sign a “Safety

NWM: Imperial

Name: New World Magischola: Imperial

Dates: September 10-13 2020

Location: Mansions on Fifth, 5105 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Parent Company: LearnLARP


Special Notes: This is a spin-off event of pre-existing lore. Lodging is not included.

Proposed Summary: 

Stormwrecked: Into The Tempest

  Summary: Stormwrecked is an upcoming LARP by Alexandra Clinton that takes place on an island where teams will compete against each other. It will contain a lot of roleplay as well as tabletop and mechanical elements for all to enjoy.

Origin LARP Playtest

Summary: Origin LARP is an ongoing Larp that originally debuted in Florida, and is now set to end play-testing in March 2020 to go live in Dallas, Texas.

Dates: Varying Monthly.

Location: 6765 Immokalee Rd, Keystone Heights, FL (Old), New

Maelstrom Mansion

Summary: Maelstrom Mansion was a one-off parlor LARP that was heavily inspired by the work of H.P Lovecraft. The game was run by very few staff, but ended up being my favorite LARP event of all time.

Dates: September 28th-September

Rift Fallen: Beta and Build One


Summary: Rift Fallen is a monthly, early access, boffer LARP. At the time of this review there have been two games; the beta and the first build. The game is heavily based on H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos with many fantasy